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The access to Ventos da Bocaina lodge begins in São José do Barreiro, driving through the mountain towards the National Park, right before km 21. There is a 'Rampa de Voo Livre' sign. Turn right and keep your right. By the end of the road, 700 meters away, here we are. After the fence, keep it left.

S 22 42' 18'' | W 44 38' 11'' | Altitude 1.710m
SP 221 - km 21 
São José do Barreiro - SP - Brasil

How to arrive

From São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Minas Gerais, follow Via Dutra (BR116) until exit 8 to Queluz city. Cross the river Paraíba bridge to Areias for 11 km. After Areias, drive for 24 km to São José do Barreiro.

The access to the lodge is behind the Matriz church on SP 221, which takes you to the National Park. From the church to the lodge, the distance is 21 km up the mountain (1.100 meters).

The road to Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina was renovated. There are paved parts and others of gravel. 

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